Canino DOP Oil

Although Canino’s extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) received European recognition only in 1996, the origin of olive growing in this area of ​​Tuscia Laziale is much older and has been documented since the Etruscans. The geographical area of ​​production of DOP Canino oil embraces part of the province of Viterbo in the municipalities of: Canino, Arlena, Cellere, Ischia di Castro, Farnese, Tessenano, Tuscania and Montalto di Castro. The olive groves cultivated in this area live in optimal environmental conditions and range between the native Caninese olive cultivar and other varieties such as Leccino, Pendolino, Moraiolo or Frantoio, typical of this area. The Canino cultivar is particularly widespread in this area, favored both by the strong adaptability of the plant and by the optimal climatic conditions of the place, which make this cultivar so rustic and authentic. The plant is characterized by a thick and dense crown, mostly made up of medium-sized but particularly narrow leaves, which appear dense and make the crown more majestic. Another singular characteristic of the olives belonging to the Canino cultivar is the size, which is smaller than other varieties. The size of the fruit, however, does not compromise the yield, indeed for this type of olive yields can reach up to 20%, considering that the ripening of this fruit occurs late and gradually. From an organoleptic point of view, Canino Dop EVO oil is exceptional. Characterized by a good balance between bitter and spicy, this oil, which at sight has an emerald green color with light golden reflections that emerge over time, is certainly a product with a strong and intense character. The flavor of fresh and healthy fruit just picked is the dominant scent, between notes of aromatic herbs and the bitter thrust with a marked spicy aftertaste. Our production of Dop Canino extra virgin olive oil comes from trees placed on the ground by the ancestors of Romolo Gentili who invested in this variety, today particularly productive, more than a century ago. The Caninese variety is present in all our EVO oil productions, in some it becomes the distinctive feature, while in others it harmonizes the other varieties. For example, to make our Dop di Canino oil sweeter and more lovable, we decided to make a blend where the Caninese is present at 50% while the remaining half is made up of frantoio, leccino and moraiolo, harvested at the right point of ripeness. In compliance with all the production rules, on the harvesting period and on the percentage of varieties provided for by the strict disciplinary, our Dop oil of canine is a pleasant product that does not give up the rustic and decisive characteristics of the cultivar, softened by the other varieties of olives. which blend in perfect harmony for an intense yet delicate EVO oil. Another pearl of Gentili production is organic extra virgin olive oil made exclusively from the monocultivar of canino. The olives used for the production of our organic canine are all certified as 100% organic cultivation and production which strictly excludes the use of pesticides for a very high quality product, full of aromas and polyphenols that are allies of our health. Finally, to close the review of our Evo oil productions with canine variety at the base there is the Verdone, the flagship product of Frantoio Gentili and suitable for those who love strong and decisive flavors due to the premature harvest of canine olives that make its flavor is unique.

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