Sale of extra virgin olive oil and price

We have been producing, processing and selling extra virgin olive oil for generations in our Gentili oil mill in Farnese, in the Upper Tuscia of Lazio. The Gentili philosophy is to produce superior quality products trying to minimize the environmental impact for the production and processing of olives as much as possible. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from centuries-old Caninese plants, planted by the Gentili family and now grown with natural methods and without the use of chemicals of any kind. The attention and obsessive care along the entire olive cultivation and processing chain guarantees the sale of a very high quality extra virgin olive oil. Both the monocultivar di Canino and the other varieties of olives produced and processed in the Gentili oil mill offer different aromas and aromas that you can find in our four varieties of extra virgin olive oil for sale: Verdone oil, Canino Dop oil, Fruity and Organic. Quality products, grown and processed with methods and tools with low environmental impact and strong ecological traction, require an effort that cannot be underestimated and which also affects the final price of the product. It is difficult to establish a univocal and honest price for the sale of a superior quality extra virgin olive oil, especially if you do not know the many variables that affect the production of an EVO oil. Harvesting period, which for a quality extra virgin olive oil, is foreseen during the veraison phase and this significantly reduces the oil yield. The type of cultivar that is worked, different varieties of olives will give different yields in oil, as well as the cultivation area can affect the production, plus the climatic trend must be considered. In light of the aforementioned variables and with the awareness that to produce a liter of extra virgin olive oil following strict methods and rules has a higher cost, we can evaluate the price of Gentili products which is very competitive on the market. In fact, if we rely on the costs to be incurred to guarantee a product of minimum quality, which therefore respects the certifications, with low temperature processing and starting from healthy raw materials, it is natural that an extra virgin olive oil cannot be placed on the market unless of 9 euros per liter. Then the prices can fluctuate a little or a lot compared to the minimum cost that we have approximately given following the indications of the trade associations, based on the product and its quality. It is neither right nor correct to establish a single or “standard” price for the production of a quality EVO oil, each company produces different products, in different geographical areas and with different tools and methods, so it is right that each product is found on the market at different prices. It is certainly more useful to ask yourself a few simple questions, when we find an extra virgin olive oil on the market at very advantageous prices, well below 9 euros per liter, than trying to figure out what is the best price for a quality oil. We produce and sell extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and respectful of the environment, on the price we think we are honest and in line with the market, but you can confirm it!

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